The following information on cheap domain names has been collected and verified by a member of our staff. We provide this information FREE of charge to help you make an informed decision on where to register your domain name for less. If you find an error or omission in our list of domain registrars please contact us at The lowest price for each type of domain name is shown in BOLD. If you need advanced features or more control over your domain, read our reviews of the domain registrars below for more information before choosing where to register your domain.

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Registrar Registration Cost per Year .CC Cost Per Year .TV Cost Per Year .MOBI Cost per year
Yahoo Only $1.99/1st yr.
(new customers & 1 year only - $9.95 each addt'l year)

Editors choice for price/features

Click here for more info on $1.99 domains from Yahoo
1&1 Internet Inc. $6.12 plus Free Private Domain Registration $6.12 Domain Name Registration

Our preferred registrar - Over 5 million customers

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Editors choice for .CC domains
Netfirms $5.95 Domain Names $5.95 Domain Name Registration

Editors choice if you need e-mail hosting with your domain

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iPower $6.50 .com Registrations $6.50 Domain Registration

Click here for more info
N/A N/A $34.95 $6.50 Domain Registration
(2 years)
Go Daddy $9.99 for new .com registration

$2.99 per year on .info domains (limited time offer)
$19.99 $19.99
Editors choice for .TV Domains
Editors choice for .MOBI Domains
Dotster Domain Names $15.25 - Buy One Get One Free Coupon Available

$2.99 per year .info Domain
$39.99 $50.00 $14.95

There is more to choosing a company to register your domain than just the price. That is why we have compiled the information below to help you make an informed decision to choose your domain registrar. We use all of the registrars before putting a review on, so you can trust the information you find here. Choose your next domain registrar with confidence.

Review of Domain Registrars

If you don't need advanced features, then this is the domain registrar for you. At only $2.95 per domain per year (most domains are limited to this price for 1 year, but .info domains can take advantage of the discounted price for up to 2 years) you can't find a lower price on the internet. iPower has just increased their price (7/06) from $2.95 to $6.50. As a result, they are no longer are low cost domain name choice. In addition if you want to do more than change your contact info or name servers you will need a registrar that offers more features. UPDATED - In addition, you have to send a request to before you can even change the name servers for your domain. During our testing it took them 6 days to unlock the domain. In their defense, however, we registered on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. iPower has updated their control panel so you can lock and unlock your domain without sending an e-mail. Click here for more info

1&1 Internet Inc.

1and1 has long been our favorite place to register our domain names. Our company currently has over 90 domain names registered through 1and1. They offer ALL of the features you would ever need to manage your domain, and they even offer FREE private registration. They also give you 1 free e-mail address that can store up to 1 GB of e-mail. They offer domain forwarding and FULL DNS control. You can keep your e-mail on their server, and change the DNS for your domain. If you are a power domain user then 1and1 is the domain name registrar for you. For more information on the benefits of using 1and1 for your domain registration, including screenshots, click here. If you plan on registering multiple domains, and want: Full Control, Great Customer Service, and Confidence in a company that currently serves millions of customers - then 1and1 should also be your preferred domain name registrar. These are just a few of the reasons that we trust 1and1 with over 60 of our domain names.


Like 1and1, Yahoo offers many of the advanced features you would need, but they will charge you extra to add an e-mail account or to enable private registration for your domain. The $2.99 domain is only available for new customers! Because Yahoo is more expensive ($9.95 a year) than 1and1 and offers less features, we recommend you use 1and1 if you are looking for advanced controls, low cost, customer service, and reliability. Click here for more info


We had a very positive experience with Netfirms as our domain name registrar. The process was quick, and painless. They also offer a full set of DNS controls, and offer domain forwarding for free. They also offer you one free e-mail account for your domain. However, this special price is limited to only 5 domains per customer. To register more than 5 domains, you will pay $9.95 per year. Click here for more info

Go Daddy

Very simple signup process. Received a follow up call the next day after registering their domain. Customer service seems friendly. Offer all of the features you need to manage your domain name, including domain forwarding. They also give you 1 free e-mail account.


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